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If your group is not registered, any contributions intended for your group are apparently redirected to some other charity.  

PayPal runs a philanthropic website, the “Giving Fund”, which has become a major player in online fund-raising, processing $7.3 billion in contributions last year.

The Giving Fund site lists over one million organizations that can receive gifts. Your favorite charity is probably listed among them. 

But despite promises that 100 percent of donations go to the selected charities, the gifts are delivered only if the groups register accounts on both PayPal and the Giving Fund site, according to a federal class action lawsuit filed in Illinois on February 28, 2017.

(For more information, see the article in the New York Times.)

Check out the fine print on PayPal Giving Fund website:

"While we make every effort to deliver the donation according to the donor's wishes, we retain exclusive legal control over all donations and reserve the right to redirect the donation to another charitable organization in the event that a charity does not enroll with PayPal Giving Fund or fails to meet our criteria for receiving a donation.

Charitable organizations must enroll with PayPal Giving Fund to claim their donations. In the event that we receive donations for an organization that is not enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, we will contact them at regular intervals for a period of at least 6 months in order to enroll them. At the end of the period, should the organization have failed to take action to enroll with PayPal Giving Fund and claim their funds, then we may reassign their funds to another charitable organization."

See if PayPal is soliciting funds for your charity.

Search at . I think you will be surprised.


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